Villa Positano belongs to Positano villas and accommodates 10 or 12 guests in 5 or 6 bedroom rental option with private pool, garden and direct views of the sea in the center of Positano.

The residences are expertly designed with Mediterranean style pieces. You will find, a historic kitchen, luxurious master bedroom, and several rooms with double size beds for your guests. While the rooms are historic, you will have all the modern conveniences, including: LCD televisions, air conditioning, heating, wireless internet and phone.

The town of Positano offers beautiful accommodations, breathtaking views, famous restaurants, nightlife, and historic signs and sits on the most beautiful parts of the Amalfi Coast; Villa is the best location for a destination wedding.


Villa Accommodation

Main floor:
This living space provides TV, fireplace, VCR, CD player, stereo, computer, and mini bar. The fully stocked kitchen has eat-in space as well. The Kitchen has refrigerators for all occasions, the oven, a stove top to cook a banquet, microwave, and dishwasher. You can easily reach a queen-sized double bedroom with an attached bathroom. The expansive view from the balcony can be reached from the living too. From the other end you can reach get to the large, shaded terrace to relax on, which is finished with patio pieces to enjoy a meal at.

Ground floor:
By just walking down a few steps you can get to the ground floor where two double bedrooms are located. You can get to a third bedroom from the ground floor that is a double bedroom as well.

If you really want some privacy, you should stay in the independent one-room guest house where a queen bed is found off of a spacious patio. This room is just the first of 5 large bedrooms that can be found on the property. One unique feature you will find is a shower made of the local rock. The suite has all the other high end amenities you will find on the rest of the property.

The villa also has two, solo units:

LI GALLI ANNEX: This small unit is located just a few feet away from the main gathering space of the resort. You will find a queen size bedroom with a bathroom all to yourself. Needless to say you will be blessed with a breathtaking view out onto Positano.

L’OLIVE ANNEX: Just a short meander away from the main unit is this lovely diamond in the rough. It also has a queen bedroom with all the amenities found around the resort. This unit also has a second bedroom so your friends and family can stay with you.



Panoramic terraces
All Rooms are Cooled and Heated
Premium television with Stereo units
DVD players
Wireless connection
Fireplaces in the main Living Area
Steam room
Outdoor Jacuzzi
Hosting Space for Events and Weddings

On request:
Experienced Personal Chef
Cocktail, Wines, and champagne
Personal Massages
Private Excursions and Winery Tours
Private transportation by car, yacht and helicopter.



Included in your daily rate

• Personal Maid services over a 5 hour period
• Continental breakfast each Morning
• Fresh linens and towels twice
• All your usual utilities
• freshly picked flowers in your room
• concierge assistance from your rooms phone

Not included in your rate (additional costs):
• Room Service
• Professional Massages
• Car or Boat transportation
• Wine tastings
• Learn to Cook Program