Walking through the neighborhood called Li Parlati, along a small street, with 118 steps, that slowly goes up through fragrant gardens you arrive at Villa San Michele with (5 bedrooms, sleeps up to 9 guests) that with its architecture and bordeaux colour dominate the spur of rock on which lies.

Villa Accommodation

From the main entrance you have access to the terrace where you enter immediately in contact with the breathtaking panorama of Positano and the sea.
The space is furnished with ancient tiles representing sacred scenes, with terracotta vases of different dimensions and comfortable sofas.

The terrace is linked, thanks to three entrances, to the kitchen, the dining room and relax room and the staircase.
The kitchen is a complex and articulated space where technology melts with antiquity, maioliche and marbles, the bread and pizza oven, the big baroque pantry.
The dining and relax area composed by two rooms, is furnished with an antique wood table and monumental chairs, there are comfortable sofas, a library with a collection of antique books and a collection of paintings among which stand out those representing scenes of life of Alessandro Magno.

On the lower floor there is the Salus Pur Aquam with an inside heated pool with Jacuzzi and a fountain for cervical massage, it is covered with local tiles.
The Calidarium and Frigidarium have been replaced by a sauna and a steam room, with a space for two showers and a space with a massage table. There is also the access to a terrace with solarium and an outside Jacuzzi.

On the first floor there are the two main suite with decorated ceilings. The first one is dedicated to Alfonso d’Aragona and is characterized by an imprint typical of the VII century, thanks to the console with mirror and to the numerous paintings representing the Lepanto battle, the sorceress Circe and to two columns on the sides of the bed. The other one is dedicated to Isabella, wife of Alfonso and it’s characterized by a strong spiritual furnishing with a privileged altar and with paintings representing sacred scenes.

On the second floor there are the two junior suite characterized by a sloped ceiling with the typical wooden beamed. In those rooms the furnishing is sober, the colour are lights enriched only by some antique objects.
On the same floor there is also a single room exquisitely furnished.

The element that harmonizes and links the different areas is the big staircase decorated with polychrome stuccos, niches with statues and vases and with paintings.

Among the outside areas there is also a paved garden rich of lemon and orange trees.